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T-MAR Extreme Series Heel Grapple with Saw Attachment
A grapple is a hooked or claw-like tool similar to a jaw used to grasp or clench something and move it.[1]

In construction, a standard grapple attachment is comprised of upper or lower jaws pivotally connected near the rear and having multiple elongated angular shaped tines that open and close by a single actuator. The tines are used to dislodge, lift, and carry debris such as logs, slabs of concrete, wooden posts, rocks, and other hard to grab materials. The tines of the grapple are also adapted to effectively tear apart ground surfaces. A grapple attachment can be fixed or coupled using a quick coupler attachment to a range of earthmoving equipment such as front end loaders, backhoes, skid steer loaders, tractors, excavators, and end loaders.[2]

A grapple bucket is a heavy-duty digging, clamshell type bucket with claws.[3] The primary function of a grapple bucket attachment is to grab and carry debris. Grapple bucket attachments essentially combine the ability of a closed-bottom bucket that loads and levels with the grabbing capability of a grapple and are used for removing brush and debris, in demolition, landscaping, and recycling, as well as a wide variety of other construction and agricultural applications.[4]

In logging, a grapple, also known as a skidder or grapple skidder, is a four-wheeled machine consisting of a forward dozer blade and a grappling apparatus situated at the machine’s rear.[5] The grapple apparatus is extended from an arched boom pivotally mounted on a linear main boom that pivots between a forward and rearward inclined position. The actual grapple component features a pair of hydraulic clamp-like arms that grab and clench the trunk of the tree and drag it through the forest to a landing site after a feller buncher has cut it down.[6]

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